ross sawatzky tournament - 29 january 2022

North Shore Country Club  hosted the 2022 Sawatzky Cup, run by the Northern Districts Tennis Association.  The tournament is named after former North Shore Country Club president and NDTA stalwart Ross Sawatzky, who sadly passed away aged just 48, almost a year to the day from ah hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a very rare disease. This event raised funds for the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Also featured in Perth Now.

The Sawatzky Cup WILL return in 2023, bigger and better.
To all those who DIDN’T take part – I hope to see you at the 2023 event. Everyone who played had a blast. It was tough, competitive FUN tennis which is at the heart of the Sawatzky Cup.
For next year I am looking to substantially ramp up sponsorship and make the event cost-neutral to maximise our final donation tally so if YOU know of someone or a company/brand that would like to be involved, please email me at [email protected]

Tara Davidson (North Shore)
Photo taken by Scott Walsh of Scotty’s Media

Alex Chepil (North Shore)
Photo taken by Scott Walsh of Scotty’s Media

GREAT SCOTT!: Ever wondered why at ‘other’ tournaments the photos of players on court look – well, rubbish? That’s because you need a pro shooter to take great sports shots, especially tennis.

Scott Walsh from Scotty’s Media shoots State League and other top tournaments for Tennis West, so it was great to have him down in the morning on court capturing the action.

 If YOUR club wants to engage Scotty on a professional basis, email him at 
[email protected]m.

If you want an NON WATERMARKED image  
please make a $20 donation per image via the Sawatzky Cup Perkins page and Scott will send you the ‘clean’ file.
These photos would look AWESOME framed on the wall


What an amazing outcome for the North Shore Pickleball players – check here to read all about it!


Special acknowledgement goes out to;
💚 National Australia Day Council for their generous Australia Day Community Grant to assist to finance the event
💚 Aboriginal Elder Shaun Nannup
💚 Cr Christopher May deputising for Mayor Albert Jacob who was delayed at citizenship ceremonies
💚 Coach Jason Weir for organising the tennis tournament and Steve Armson for organising the pickleball tournament
💚 Our wonderful kiosk operators Lester and Lisa along with their daughters
💚 The terrific bar staff Rory and William
💚 KC Australia for the sport shirt design
💚 Whitfords Brewing Company and Charter Mortgage for their generous prizes
💚 Our fantastic musician Neil Greathead
💚 Larry, Jeff, Wendy, Shane, Phil, John and Cassie for their help in making the day a success
💚 And our wonderful mascot Nanook!
Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the day.