The Hub

welcome to our community hub!

North Shore is committed to creating a thriving and sustainable facility at the heart of our community. Central to this vision is the expansion of the existing building and upgrades to the surrounding community and recreational space. 

Show your support below and have your say about what you’d like to see at the North Shore Hub.

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  • Help to achieve our Vision (2025)
  • Deliver on our Strategic Priorities and Community Outcomes (2025)
  • Create a ‘Sustainable’ community legacy for North Shore & surrounding areas
  • Improve and build on social capacity & cohesion, especially post COVID
  • Create additional local jobs
  • Meet local community need for 1000’s of families in the area
  • Deliver on City of Joondalup’s Community Strateg

Thank you for your support.  North Shore Community Hub will use this petition to request funding support from federal, state and local government.

A Beacon of community engagement – operated and managed by the community, providing for the Community

hub project - plan*

Committee have delivered presentations to:

  • Federal Senator Dean Smith
  • Federal MP Ian Goodenough
  • State MP Caitlin Collins
  • City of Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob
  • Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
  • Discussions with Lottery West

All endorse and support the plan[s].  Listen here to Ian Goodenough, MP and Federal Member for Moore offering his strong support for the planned developments for the North Shore Community Hub.

We will arrange further meetings to progress that indicated support with funding to deliver the building extension, court resurfacing/repairs, facility fit-out and a community engagement officer.

On clarity of funding and suggested working proposals, we will bring these back to the membership at a Special General Meeting in 2022.


strategic plan 2021 - 2025


A thriving and sustainable facility at the heart of our community; offering a positive contribution to the wellbeing and health of local people.


Provide opportunities for community connection and to improve the wellbeing of people in the North Shore and surrounding areas, through social connection, recreational and sporting activities.


Inclusive and diverse  |  Representative of our local community  |  Promote community cohesion  |  Wellbeing and Health focused


At the Annual General Meeting held on 8 November 2021, the Committee gave a full presentation on the future of the club – the North Shore Commutity Hub – addressing the results of various surveys and research that had been carried out.  Obviously, this will be an ongoing discussion and updates will be provided here.  In the meantime see this initial  full presentation here and watch this space for more information as it comes to light.